Wyvern Lingo ‘Used’

Wyvern Lingo performing their song ‘Used’ live in Asylum Studios in March 2014.

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Known for their soulful, passionate and haunting live show, Wyvern Lingo are one of the few bands that can get you dancing with a full band of keys, guitar, synth bass and drums – or make you melt when they strip the set back to a capella. Their brand new EP is a veritable cocktail of R’n’B hooks, bluegrass licks, gospel harmonies and inciteful-beyond-their-years lyrics.

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Wyvern Lingo ‘Used’

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“Bray trio Karen Cowley, Saoirse Duane and Caoimhe Barry have been gaining plenty of props for their lush harmonies and striking melodic pop” – Jim Carroll, The Irish Times

“With the simple plucking on the double bass while Cowley and Barry’s sweet harmonies intertwined, festival goers couldn’t help but at least stamp a foot or mouth along the words” – Golden Plec

“Karen Cowley (keys), Saoirse Duane (guitar) and Caoimhe Barry (percussion) all possess colossal voices, echoing everyone’s favourite chart-topping wonder women Florence Welch and Adele Adkins.The result is, to be lazy, a female take on Mumford And Sons or Local Natives, and to be frank, an absolute treat.” – Celina Murphy, Hotpress.

Folk-pop trio Wyvern Lingo’s deeply structured vocal harmonies and palpable blend of organic folk sounds and pop-sensibilities has identified the three-piece as a band on the ascendancy.”

The Last Mixed Tape

Producer/Engineer – Robin Ball
Assistant Engineer/Guitar Tech – Stephen Caffery
Director/Camera – Bob Gallagher
Additional Camera – Megan Woods / John Barker

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