February 6th 2014. Press Record began one night in The Hard Rock Café when myself, Robin and Steve Caffrey sat down for a drink after working at a gig there with Floor Staff and Cove. The conversation moved from the possibility of recording music with acts in a recording studio, to how about we shoot videos of the acts as they’re performing these songs. Over the next few days we discovered that there were no series of videos like this being made in Ireland and set about getting a team together to help us shoot these videos. With music video director Bob Gallagher on board, as well as a really great set of camera crew, we booked ourselves in to Asylum Studios on Bow Lane one Saturday morning with 3 acts – Wyvern Lingo, Otherkin and Squareyes. The plan was simple: Let’s create really nice looking videos of acts performing new material in a recording studio where we can make sure the audio is perfect.

Since then we’ve released over 90 videos for 55 different acts. Creating each video takes a lot of time and involves much work but it’s a really enjoyable process too. In the days leading up to the recording acts need to be organised, a camera crew needs to be in place, the studio needs to be booked, equipment needs to be rented and checked and a schedule made for each shoot. Availability is usually an issue with all of these things so when it all comes together we breathe a sigh of relief! A typical day of recording begins usually at 5am when Robin and Steve come in and set up the studio for a days recording and ensure that all equipment is working. The first act arrives at 9am and has 4 hours to record their 2 songs. Bob and the camera crew arrive around then too and get set up, everyone carrying coffee around that quickly gets lost as soon as it’s put down. Over the course of 12 hours 3 acts perform 2 live songs each (for the first year we did 4 acts per day – that’s 3 hours each which means a very fast pace and quick turnaround). The crew usually finishes up by midnight. In the days that follow the recording Robin is busy mixing the audio for each track and then equally busy editing the different footage from the shoot and putting it all together. Once the video is ready we decide on a release date with the band and start preparing for its release.

Since the first video shoot I have learned a huge amount about how to start and grow a new business.  But probably the most important things I ‘ve learned have come from working with the likes of Robin, Steve, Bob and Harry (who works on camera).  Their patience at times has been remarkable – especially if something goes wrong in the studio (usually a headphone mix!) or if we’re under time pressure – and quite often I would look at them waiting for one of them to crack with frustration but I haven’t seen that happen once. Their work ethic and commitment to getting the job done properly is inspiring and I usually carry that with me in the week following a recording.

Since early 2014 we’ve met some amazing people – passionate, hard working and talented. The standard of music in Ireland is amazing, something I think that you only realise if you’re involved in it.

Thanks to all the acts we’ve worked with so far and to everyone who has watched any of our videos. We’ve really enjoyed making them for you and hope to continue to do so for a long time in the future.


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