Press Record is an Irish video platform that specialises in creating and hosting videos for acts performing new material.

The website was founded in March 2014 by Robin Ball and John Barker to provide an alternative platform for acts wishing to promote their music.

The main feature of Press Record involves releasing videos of acts performing brand new songs live in a recording studio. So far we have worked with established acts such as HamsandwicH, Jape, Le Galaxie, Fight Like Apes and All Tvvins as well as talented emerging acts such as Bitch Falcon, Leo Drezden, Wyvern Lingo and Hare Squead. The videos are shot in Asylum Studios in Dublin 2 and give an insight into an act performing live in a studio as well as providing unique audio of the performance.

We also create videos of acts performing live in different locations around Dublin that are of significance to the musicians. The locations are chosen by the acts and so far we have recorded in coffee-shops, a publishing house, a furniture shop and an organic shop and restaurant. The videos attempt to create an environment where live music can be heard in non-traditional venues and also highlight the talent of the musician(s) performing as well as promoting the local business.